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A still from'Sheffield Peace March'  (1936)


Pre-war Build-up

The years and months leading up to the war brought new fears and changes whilst some elements of British life continued on as normal.


A still from 'Mine Camp' (1939-1945)


Children in War-time

Evacuation, school air raid drills, wearing gas masks, as well as war-time Christmas parties and outings shaped children's lives on the home front during the Second World War.

A still from 'This is a Matter Which Vitally Concerns You' (1938)


Civil Defence -
Civilian Services

As the threat of war became a reality, civilians were called upon to play their part in groups such as the ARP, Women's Land Army, Fire and Medical Services.

A still from 'Formation of the Home Guard, Thornton Bradford' (1939-1945)


Civil Defence -
Home Guard

The establishment of the Home Guard service brought civilians into new roles in defending the home front.

A still from 'Gunnislake Carnival' (1939)


Community Life

Communities came together during in the war to raise funds, commemorate the service of others, celebrate victories, as well as create entertainment to keep up civilian morale.

A still from 'ARP/ Malton Evacuees' (1939)


Displaced People

Many people during the war and the immediate post-war period became displaced from their homes; made refugees through evacuation, detention and homelessness.

A still from 'Scenes of Childhood 2' (1940-1945)


Home and Family Life

The impact of the war on domestic life is captured in home movies and other films focusing on the home, leisure time and family events.

A still from 'Spitfire components' (ca.1941)


Industry in War-time

Most factories and farms in Britain turned their endeavors to supporting the war effort, whist some became targets for bombing campaigns.

A still from 'Walton's Parade for Victory' (1941)


Parades & Campaigning

Street parades raising funds, celebrating or commemorating the work of the services were a strong feature of community life on the home front.

A still from 'Start a Land Club' (1942)


Women's Role on the Home Front

The advent of war encouraged women to take on new roles not previously available to them, in skilled labour, supporting the armed forces and volunteering.

A still from 'VE Day, Gateshead' (May 1945)


Victory Celebrations 1945

VE and VJ celebrations in 1945 marked the end of the war and street parties, parades and other events were held all over Britain.

A still from 'Mild and Bitter' (1963)


Postwar Reconstruction

The restrictions of war-time life continued on for some time after the war ended but gradually, the re-building of cities began to take place and a new optimism emerged.