Sheffield V.E.Day/
Indian Victory Parade

Archive: Yorkshire Film Archive
ID No.: 3142
Title: Sheffield V.E.Day/Indian Victory Parade
Date: 1945-1947
Film-maker: Unknown
Colour: Black & White
Sound: Silent
Duration of complete item: 17 min.
Themes: Victory Celebrations in 1945; Parades & Campaigning


A film that shows parades and memorial days in the Sheffield area over a two year period after the victory of the Allies in Second World War. The film uses intertitles and moving images to explain events.


The film opens with the intertitle ‘V.E. Day - the Lord Mayor and City Council at the Cenotaph’
Crowds have gathered in Sheffield City Centre for the V.E. Day ceremony. A military parade lead by a brass band marches down the street. They are followed by the Lord Mayor and other dignitaries. The Lord Mayor lays a wreath at the Cenotaph.

The next intertitle reads ‘Indian Victory Parade Contingent Visits Sheffield (18th June, 1946)’. A parade of soldiers marches through the city led by a man on a horse. Each military unit marches in their own group wearing their different uniforms and medals. One unit play brass instruments as they march.

A further intertitle ‘The Helicopter 1947’ starts a sequence where people gather outside of the city to watch an air display. The camera captures the comical asides of some actors who pretend that the helicopter will land on them.
The next intertitle reads ‘Sheffield 16th July 1947- Tribute’ ‘After 188 years’ service the 2nd Bn. Y. &L. Regt’ precedes scenes of a march past. The soldiers stop for inspection and then a brass band plays.

The film closes with another procession and service at a park for Victory in Europe Thanksgiving Sunday May 13th, 1945. A parade of different military units lead by a brass band march through the park. A crowd have gathered, they stop and speeches are given by a military commander.


In 1946 Victory Parades took place including Allied and Commonwealth forces and members of the Civil Defence services. In London on the 8th June 1946 a large scale Allied Victory Parade was held in London, witnessed by members of the Royal family along with Clement Attlee, and Winston Churchill.

As seen in this film, in Sheffield on the 18th June, a smaller scale Indian Victory Parade took place. The parade was attended by British Commonwealth and Colonial forces. The city streets were packed with people who had come out to support and thank the soldiers who had helped win the war.


Sheffield V.E.Day/Indian Victory Parade (1945-1947)

Sheffield V.E.Day/Indian Victory Parade (1945-1947)

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