Charminster Mixed School, Bournemouth

Archive: Wessex Film & Sound Archive
ID No.: AV567/4
Title: Charminster Mixed School, Bournemouth
Date: ca. 1941
Colour: Black & White and Colour
Sound: Silent
Duration of complete item: 17 min. 5 sec.
Themes: Children in War-time


Activities at Charminster Mixed School, Bournemouth, including those associated with the War effort: ‘Make Do and Mend’; ‘Dig for Victory’; Salvage and National Savings schemes.


The film starts in black and white showing a school dressmaking class in progress. The pattern and material are measured and cut out and the final dress sewn. In colour film, the dresses are shown finished being paraded outside. Returning to black and white film, the boys at the school are issued with spades, and are seen digging ground over. Later, in summer, the school children are engaged in hoeing and weeding. Then returning to colour film the children are seen harvesting vegetables. Returning again to black and white film, the children are seen in the playground with sacks of books or paper for salvage. They load the sacks onto a lorry, marked 'Cross Bros Removal and Storage'. A school prize giving ceremony takes place. Children are shown queuing for National Savings stamps and gathering more books and paper for salvage. Final scenes show a school assembly with Captain Young (an American) as a guest, and the school nativity play.


This film, and 22 others, was deposited by Mr T W Hall. They were made by the Headmaster, Mr A W Legg, over a period of 23 years, starting in 1939 and including his other schools East Howe and Summerbee Secondary. He also made sound recordings of school events, including his own retirement presentation in 1962, and separate 1⁄4 inch audio tape soundtracks for two of his Summerbee Secondary School films.

It is quite common for head teachers of schools to retain films made by them during their tenure but, despite the subject being of considerable historical interest to the schools, are rarely passed on or preserved in an archive for posterity unless they come to light somehow, as in this example. Regional film archives, through public awareness and persistence, have managed to discover such material before its disposal and secure its future in the public domain.

Charminster Mixed School, Bournemouth (ca.1941)

Charminster Mixed School, Bournemouth (ca.1941)

Charminster Mixed School, Bournemouth (ca.1941)

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