War-time Holiday, Exmoor

Archive: South West Film & Television Archive
ID No.: AK0211
Title: War-time Holiday, Exmoor
Date: 1943
Film-maker: Mr Gibson
Colour: Black & White
Sound: Silent
Duration of complete item: 12 min. 56 sec.
Themes: Home & Family Life


A group of friends (male and female) take a holiday on Exmoor in the Summer of 1943. They visit various landmarks and well known villages, as well as spending some time on the beach.


The film clip used here shows two young women in swim wear sitting on what appears to be a sloping bank made of logs. A young man in swimming trunks also sits there and writes a letter or diary notes with a pencil. Film of a village includes a narrow cobbled street where a woman walks. Three people are then seen walking up a hill side, one of them is a woman wearing trousers and carrying a camera. The woman and a man walk together holding hands.

An older couple sit on a fence and smile for the camera. There is a pan across the countryside before scenes of the group on horseback riding away.


The film-maker worked for Kodak so had access to 16mm film at a time when it was virtually impossible for amateurs to get.

War-time Holiday, Exmoor (1943)

War-time Holiday, Exmoor (1943)

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