Newton Abbot Street Party

Archive: South West Film & Television Archive
ID No.: x2605
Title: Newton Abbot Street Party
Date: May 1945
Film-maker: Anonymous
Colour: Black & White
Sound: Silent
Duration of complete item: 3 min.
Themes: Victory Celebrations in 1945


This amateur film includes an 'end of war' street party and victory parades in Newton Abbot, Devon.


The film clip used here shows the street party section of the film. It opens with a title reading 'Newton Abbot celebrates "Victory" May - 1945'. A second title then reads 'Street tea Netley Road'. A large group of people sit and stand at tables out in the street. The camera pans back and forth across the crowd. Some women are seen serving food for the children sitting in a row at the tressel tables.


SWFTA holds a number of films of Victory Celebrations and Victory Parades in 1945. This particular recording was chosen as it is the only occasion when the same individual filmed both the Celebration and the Parade.

Newton Abbot Street Party (May 1945)

Newton Abbot Street Party (May 1945)

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