V.E. Day

Archive: Northern Region Film and Television Archive
ID No.: n/a
Title: V.E. Day
Date: 8, 9 & 14 May 1945
Film-maker: Gateshead Police Photographic Department
Colour: Colour
Sound: Silent
Duration of complete item: 8 min. 34 sec.
Themes: Victory Celebrations in 1945


This film shows a street party which took place in Gateshead to mark the end of World War II in Europe .


The film's opening titles read 'V E Day' followed by 'V E Day May 8th – 9th 1945 – Thanksgiving Day May 14th 1945'.

The film shows still images of the Evening Chronicle newspaper with headlines celebrating 'Victory' and Germany's 'unconditional surrender' alongside images of Winston Churchill. There are also stills of Daily Mail and Newcastle Journal newspapers announcing V E Day celebrations and indicating that the official announcement will be made at 3.00 pm by the premier.

This is followed by shots of the union flag blowing in the wind and a clock tower showing 3.00pm precisely. The film then has panning shots of Newcastle Quayside where ships are draped with flags followed by shots of a beacon at night on a hillside.

This is followed by shots of numerous street parties in Gateshead, shots of highly decorated streets with flags, streamers and bunting. Doorways are heavily decorated and the streets are filled with people cheering and smiling at the camera and giving the victory sign. The crowds are predominantly women and children, and many of them are wearing paper hats in celebration. Long tables are filled with party food and tea-cups with women holding big tea-pots at the ready. A group of people are holding a large banner which reads 'VICTORY – There will always be an England'.

The film then moves on to Thanksgiving Day Parades where there are shots of servicemen and women marching through the streets. The streets are lined with onlookers and the parade also includes organisations such as the Police, Scouts, Guides and the Salvation Army. This is followed by what is believed to be a thanksgiving service in a large grassed area with a raised platform housing dignitaries and members of the clergy. The film ends with a final shot of the union flag blowing in the wind.


This amateur film was shot by an off duty police officer in Gateshead, who, with the forces photographic unit had also made a number of instructional films during the war. As with the 1944 colour film Holidays at Home, also made by a member of the Gateshead Police Photographic Department, the colour film stock, which was otherwise hard to obtain, would have been more available to the police.

V.E. Day (1945)

V.E. Day (1945)

V.E. Day (1945)

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