[ARP in Sandiacre]

Archive: Media Archive for Central England
ID No.: n/a
Title: [ARP in Sandiacre]
Date: (ca. 1940)
Film-maker: Ivan Kingsbury
Colour: Black & White
Sound: Silent
Duration of complete item: 9 min. 55 sec.
Themes: Civil Defence – Civilian Services


Amateur film of Air Raid Precautions (ARP) exercises around Sandiacre in Derbyshire.


The film begins with groups of men standing on a street, some are wearing ARP anti-gas clothing and holding gas masks. From a high angle we then see an exercise in which the member of the ARP wearing their oilskin suits and gas masks lift a man onto a makeshift stretcher and carry him away. A building protected with sandbags is seen and a policeman stands outside. A group of men stand chatting on the street, one is a policeman who salutes to the camera. We then see shots of Ladycross School in Sandiacre, which is protected with sandbags and a sign indicates that it has become the ARP First Aid Post. Nurses in uniform and members of the ARP parade and stand in a yard outside the school building.

The film then cuts to another ARP exercise in which men emerge from a van wearing oilskin suits and gas masks carrying a stretcher. They are then shown boarding the van carrying a woman on their stretcher (the van has ‘ARP Derbyshire County Council’ written on its side). A fire exercise follows in which fire fighters push a fire tender, unroll hoses and spray water over open ground. Finally we see an ambulance arriving at the school and a stretcher is lifted out, we then see several nurses in uniform and ARP personnel standing in the yard, carrying equipment from a shed and a boy on a stretcher.


A large collection of standard 8mm films were deposited with MACE in August 2005 by John Kingsbury of Wollaton in Nottingham. The single collection was really two as John had acquired the films shot by both his father, Ivan Kingsbury, and Ivan’s friend, Ray Doncaster.

ARP in Sandiacre was shot by Ivan Kingsbury who lived at The Greenway at Risley in Derbyshire with his wife Maude and their only son John. He managed the Lace Web Spring Company in Sandiacre, also in Derbyshire and was the president of the Sandiacre branch of the British Legion for many years. He was very interested in film making and showed films to troops stationed at Risley, at British Legion functions and to school children. Unfortunately he suffered from ill health and died in 1945.

In the early years of World War Two Ivan was closely involved in the Air Raid Precautions (ARP) branch of civil defence and acted as head warden and incident officer for Risley. This involvement is clear from the content of this film, which shows a series of Civil Defence training exercises in Risley and Sandiacre.

The fear of gas attacks in the Second World War was sufficiently high for Civil Defence personnel to be issued with protective clothing for use in dealing with various types of poisonous gases. These were worn on training exercise staged in preparation for dealing with potential contamination and casualties.

The First Aid Post was at Ladycross School on Victoria Road, Sandiacre and Evelyn Doncaster, Ray Doncaster’s wife, was matron there. Indeed, she features in the film in her Red Cross uniform and Ray makes an appearance at the end of the film.


[ARP in Sandiacre] (ca.1940)

[ARP in Sandiacre] (ca.1940)

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