[Hinckley 4]

Archive: Media Archive for Central England
ID No.: n/a
Title: [Hinckley 4]
Date: 1939 to 1945
Film-maker: Unknown
Colour: Colour
Sound: Silent
Duration of complete item: 13 min. 28 sec.
Themes: Community Life


Amateur film showing various events in Hinckley in Leicestershire between June 1939 and August 1945. Intertitles provide information and dates.


“Hinckley Hospital Carnival June 10th 1939”. Parades and floats passing through the streets of Hinckley, people dressed in costumes, a car passes containing the ‘Carnival Queen of Leicestershire’, a float from the Hinckley Isolation Hospital is seen. We then see a young girl playing in a garden, from later captions we know her name to be Gillian. An inter-title reads “Garden Party at Stoneleigh, Leicester Road August 1939”. A group of people are seen chatting in a garden and a speech is made. The inter-title “Old Hinckley Disappears October 1939” preceeds a row of part demolished buildings and another building protected with sandbags. “Hinckley at the end of January 1940”. Men are seen using shovels to clear snow from the pavement of a suburban street, a horse and cart passes slowly along the road. “Civic Service at Stockwell Head May 1940”. People march through Hinckley towards Stockwell Head Methodist Church. We see men in suits, nurses in uniform, boy scouts, girl guides and members of the ARP. At the “Red Cross Sale 1940” we see a man making a speech to a crowd of people in a field, a Red Cross nurse lays out pamphlets on a table and we see stalls with items for sale and crowds of people. “S. S. Scholars in Hollycroft Park June 1941”. S. S. refers to Sunday School. Large numbers of children are in a park, a band plays and an outdoor religious service takes place in front of a large crowd. We also see Gillian walking with two women. “Gillian Autumn 1941”. There is a brief shot of Gillian in a garden. “Soldier Friends 1942”. Gillian is seen in a garden with a woman and two soldiers in uniform. “Winter 1942”. Gillian and two teenage boys build a snowman in a garden. “Peace Celebrations Aug 1945”. Children wearing costumes representing different nations march around a yard, some adults join in. The children are then seen marching along a road and later they sit at a large table for a street party.


A series of 16mm films entitled (HINKLEY 1, 2, 3 AND 4) have been placed on loan at MACE by the Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland as part of a much larger collection. They were donated to the Record Office by Mrs Evans of Hinckley.

Together they cover the period from 1935 through to 1945, ending with peace celebrations in August 1945 (VJ Day), with the main focus being on events in and around Hinckley and Leicester.

There is little information about the film-maker other than the fact that she was Mrs Evans’ husband’s great great aunt. They had been handed down through the family before being rescued by Mrs Evans who recognised their cultural and historical value thanks to her interest in family history.

[Hinckley 4] (1939-1945)

[Hinckley 4] (1939-1945)

[Hinckley 4] (1939-1945)

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